Albus F300 one-sided Fishing Magnet

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Albus F300 one-sided Fishing Magnet
Albus F300 one-sided Fishing Magnet
€ 46,00

Albus F300 is a one-sided fishing magnet designed for searching small metal objects weighing up to 300 kg in holes, trenches or water wells.

Search magnet Albus F300 and Euro coins


The magnet is suitable for vertical lifting of various metal items, any modern coins with steel cores from bridges, piers or any watercraft.


To secure the magnet reliably, the manufacturer recommends to use a safety cord with a thickness from 6 to 8 mm and preferably a metal eye ring.


This magnet is not suitable for throwing in water from shore as it has only one working surface.

Key specifications of Albus F300 magnet
Maximum pull-off force: 300 kgF
Work surfaces quantity: One
Work area, mm2: 3142
Work surface diameter, mm: 40
Net weight, kg: 0,98
Holes: One hole (centric, through)
Hole diameter, mm: М10 thread
Buffer: Yes
Scope of supply:
  • Albus F300 fishing magnet - 1 pc.
  • М10 eye bolt - 1 pc.
  • М10 butterfly nut - 1 pc.
  • Cardboard box with branded print - 1 pc.
Additional features
Magnet material: NdFeB
Housing material: Steel grade 20
Housing coating: Zink
Magnet coating: Nickel
Loosing of magnetic properties: 2% per 10 years
Working temperature: up to +60оС
Direction of magnetization: Axial
Country of origin: Latvia
Shape: Round
Overall diameter, mm: 95
Overall height, mm: 19
Gross weight, kg 1,2
Package dimensions (LxWxH), mm 135x120x125
Package Cardboard box

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Key Features
Maximum pull-off force, kg:
300 kg *
Recommended safety cord (rope):
Ø 8 mm and above
Work surfaces:
* The maximum pull-off force is obtained only on testing equipment under ideal conditions: detaching from a smooth, clean (no rust) steel sheet (thickness is not less than 15 mm) with a pull-off force acting perpendicular to the sheet plane (along the eye-bolt hole axis). The maximum pull-off force is indicated in the magnet’s designation. Two-sided search magnet has two work surfaces with the same magnetic force. The tolerance for the maximum pull-off force is ± 10%