Albus Scaper Stainless Steel scoop

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Albus Scaper Stainless Steel scoop
Albus Scaper Stainless Steel scoop
€ 51,00

It is allowed to dip the scoop in fresh or salt water, as well as for work on salty soils (salt marshes).

Entirely made of special durable steel 2 mm. the method of fixing parts-welded.

Technical characteristics of the Scaper model:

— Product length-390 mm;
— Hole size - 10 mm;
— Bucket diameter-138 mm;
— Bucket height in the wide part-135 mm;
— Bucket height in the smaller part-90 mm;
— Handle length-250 mm;
— Length of the rubber handle-10 mm;
— Product weight-530 grams.

Scope of supply:

  • Albus Scaper Stainless Steel scoop

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Key Features
Material of manufacture:
Stainless Steel
Metal thickness:
2 mm
Product weight:
530 grams
Bore diameter:
10 mm