Iron sand scoop Albus Caterpillar

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€ 35,00
Iron sand scoop Albus Caterpillar
Iron sand scoop Albus Caterpillar
€ 35,00

Albus Caterpillar Black is one of the most popular and inexpensive sand scoop models for beach searching. Relatively light weighted and compact-sized.

It has a sharp shape that allows to enter very easily and deeply in any ground. Due to the small perforations (Ø 8 mm), the sand scoop can be quickly washed from all sides with water jets.

Caterpillar Black is similar to Caterpillar sand scoop but it is made of carbon steel, rather than stainless steel. There are no other significant differences between them.

Scope of supply:

  • Steel Albus Caterpillar Black sand scoop
  • Branded cardboard box

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Key Features
Material of manufacture:
Black steel
Metal thickness:
2 mm
Product weight:
1365 grams
Bore diameter:
8 mm
Pipe diameter:
Ø 38 mm